Ngā mahi toi

Uhi Tai is a toi Māori expression of the research findings from the Tangaroa Ararau project, reimagining a marine governance regime with the ocean at the heart of decision-making.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Māori knowledge transfer methods, the exhibition presented a dynamic mix of media forms—including video, audio, painting, sculpture, waiata, weaving, carving, taonga pūoro, tā moko, and print media. Through this unique approach, Uhi Tai shares Tangaroa Ararau’s research findings as a call to action, encouraging curiosity, and providing space to reimagine a tikanga-led marine governance and management system that honours Te Tiriti.

Tangaroa Ararau

Acrylic paint, gold leaf on paper


Digital Motion Graphic

Tairehia, Tairehua

Acrylic on board

Ngā Pae Moana

Acrylic on canvas

Tangaroa a te toi, Tangaroa a te meha

Acrylic, paua & resin on canvas


Acrylic, paua & resin on canvas

Nuku Tai, Memeha

Graphite, Mixed Media

Ātārangi – shadows of resilience


Cook the Captain

Mixed Media

Salt and Pepper

Acrylic on Canvas

Tangaroa Ararau

Short film

Weaving our Worlds


Te Au o te Moana


Indigenous Earth Community


Taonga Pūoro

Live demonstration


Waiata (song)

Tā moko

Live demonstration