Wānanga tuawhā

Taonga Puoro and the Moana

Join us for an enlightening discussion on Taonga Puoro and the Moana, where we explore the deep connection between traditional Māori musical instruments and the ocean. Our expert panelists will share insights into the cultural significance of Taonga Puoro, the ways these instruments mimic and honor the sounds of the sea, and their role in storytelling and spiritual practices. This conversation will provide a unique perspective on how these ancient sounds contribute to the preservation and appreciation of marine environments. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the harmonious relationship between Taonga Puoro and the moana.


  • Tāmihana Katene
  • Nick Tupara, Tupara Studio
  • Te Aomihia Walker, Tangaroa Ararau (Facilitator)

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